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Contact Katie Ames  Katie Ames K-12 Counselor
Contact Karen Badgett  Karen Badgett JH Literature, English, Reading
Contact Danyell Barden  Danyell Barden Paraprofessional
Contact Shelley Bresnen  Shelley Bresnen 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Allison Brown  Allison Brown 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Jerry Brown  Jerry Brown JH Math, Science, HS German
Contact Carl Carlson  Carl Carlson Transportation
Contact Nicki Charles  Nicki Charles ISEE Coordinator/Business Assistant
Contact Lisa Darden  Lisa Darden Business Manager/Clerk
Contact Tess Davis  Tess Davis 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Holly Day  Holly Day Food Service
Contact Robert Dionne  Robert Dionne Maintenance Supervisor
Contact Rene Evans  Rene Evans English Teacher
Contact Megan Galea  Megan Galea Elementary Secretary & Food Service Director
Contact Ashley George  Ashley George Kid's College at Kootenai Director
Contact Matthew Greer  Matthew Greer Science Teacher
Contact Jennifer Hanselmann  Jennifer Hanselmann Art/Special Education
Contact Jennifer Jensen  Jennifer Jensen Special Education
Contact Briana John  Briana John IDLA Coordinator
Contact Dennis Kachelmier  Dennis Kachelmier Acting Superintendent
Contact Cody Karst  Cody Karst Special Education Director
Contact Nolan Kerby  Nolan Kerby JH Geography, History, P.E.
Contact Debra Kraack  Debra Kraack Transportation
Contact Alisha McDevitt  Alisha McDevitt Jr. Sr. High Secretary
Contact Doug Napierala  Doug Napierala PE, Health, Athletic Director
Contact Jill Pilloud  Jill Pilloud 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Wade Pilloud  Wade Pilloud Jr. Sr. High Principal
Contact Ashley Rauch  Ashley Rauch 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Lexie Reynolds  Lexie Reynolds Paraprofessional
Contact Cindy Shannon  Cindy Shannon District Secretary/Transportation
Contact Michael Stroh  Michael Stroh HS History, Government, Science
Contact Dan Wall  Dan Wall Transportation
Contact Jerod Ward  Jerod Ward JH Math
Contact Anna Whipple  Anna Whipple HS Math, Music
Contact Sara Worthington  Sara Worthington Kindergarten Teacher

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