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Please note that Kootenai Jt School District does not endorse any of these websites, and they are only provided as examples.  You should never have to pay to apply for a scholarship, nor provide credit card/banking information!

Dual Enrollment @ Kootenai

FUN FACT: Every student in Idaho is allocated $4,125 to pay for higher education courses while attending High School. 

Many Idaho Colleges offer Dual Credit courses! (NIC is our closest local affiliate).

Students can take classes in an online format, or attend in-person at North Idaho College. 

Interested in learning more about Dual Credit?

Click the link below!

Counselor's Page



This page is designed to bring you up-to-date information about the counseling program at Kootenai Joint School District #274

K-12 Counselor

Katie Ames, K-12 Counselor

(208) 689-3311 ext. 356


News for parents/guardians


Super Important News:

FAFSA - Federal Application for Student Aid opens OCTOBER 1st, 2019


Keep an eye out for Local and National scholarships!! Deadlines are fast approaching.

In addition, each College or University will have their own set of scholarships based on Merit and financial need. 

Check their websites for more information! Some require applications and some are automatically assigned.

Is your student on track to graduate?

Has your child failed a class, taken courses out of order, or transferred in from another school?

Let's chat!

Parent involvement is so very important when it comes to graduation plans and choosing the best course options for your student.

Graduation Requirements

Idaho Graduation Credit Requirements

Subject  Area                                           Credits  
Language Arts and Communication 9
Math 6
Science 6
World History 2
US History 2
Government 2
Consumer Economics 1
Health 1
Computer Applications 1
9th PE 2
12th PE 2
Humanities 2
Elective Credits 10