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Kootenai Jr. Sr. High School

13030 E. O'Gara Rd.

Harrison, ID 83833


Fax: 208.689.9072

School Hours:

Mondays 9:06 am - 2:59 pm

Tuesday-Friday 8:10 am - 2:58 pm

Kootenai Jr. Sr. High Report Card

Kootenai Jr./Sr. High Report Card

Booster Club News
Jr. / Sr. High Staff
Contact Katie Ames  Katie Ames K-12 Counselor
Contact Karen Badgett  Karen Badgett JH Literature, English, Reading
Contact Jerry Brown  Jerry Brown JH Math, Science, HS German
Contact Karl Coghill  Karl Coghill Principal
Contact Rene Evans  Rene Evans English Teacher
Contact Matthew Greer  Matthew Greer Science Teacher
Contact Jennifer Hanselmann  Jennifer Hanselmann Art/Special Education
Contact Cody Karst  Cody Karst Special Education Director
Contact Nolan Kerby  Nolan Kerby JH Geography, History, P.E.
Contact Alisha McDevitt  Alisha McDevitt Jr. Sr. High Secretary
Contact Doug Napierala  Doug Napierala PE, Health, Athletic Director
Contact Kylie Njoku  Kylie Njoku Special Education
Contact Wade Pilloud  Wade Pilloud Superintendent
Contact Michael Stroh  Michael Stroh HS History, Government, Science
Contact Jerod Ward  Jerod Ward JH Math
Contact Anna Whipple  Anna Whipple HS Math, Music
Jr/Sr High After School Program

The after school program for Jr/Sr high students is Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are two staff members available for each session to help with homework and other activities. Quite study time and homework help is a minimum of one hour, usually from 3:00-4:00 pm, with an enrichment activity to follow. The JH computer lab will be open as needed for the students that request internet access to complete a school project or on-line class work. 

The activity bus is available for students. 

Any questions please contact the school at 208-689-3311.

Kootenai Jr./Sr. High School


All high school after school activities, including practice have been cancelled for this week for precautionary measures. Practice will resume after Thanksgiving break.


Good morning! Today is Friday, November 20, 2020.

Welcome Back Mrs. Ames!

Lunch Today: Ham Sub Sandwich/Cucumbers/Carrot Sticks/Peaches/Cheese Stick/Milk

Birthday Wishes to Greyson, Haiven, and Tayva over Thanksgiving break!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Vacation. School resumes Monday, November 30.


Archived Announcements

Good morning! Today is Thursday, November 19, 2020.

Lunch Today: Turkey Gravy/Seasoned Mashed Potatoes/Roll w/Butter/Bread Stuffing/Green Beans/Applesauce Cup/Pumpkin Custard/Milk

Lunch Tomorrow: Ham Sub Sandwich/Cucumbers/Carrot Sticks/Peaches/Cheese Stick/Milk

There will be a student council meeting today beginning at 2:30 in Mr. Napierala's room.

Don't forget to give a peer a Kudos in the Kudos Box! 

Hey Warriors our total for the Coin Drive keeps increasing and currently we've raised over $430 dollars!  Keep up the great work and know that every penny makes a difference!  Don't forget that we will continue the Coin Drive after Thanksgiving Break for one more week of mayhem!  So far here are the scores:

In the Jr. High Competition:

1st Place = 6th Grade with 2,712 points

2nd Place = 7th Grade with 1,376 points

3rd Place = 8th Grade with -874 points


In the Sr. High Competition:

1st Place = Juniors with 13,553 points

2nd Place = Sophomores with 1,539 points

3rd Place = Seniors with 983 points


Good morning! Today is Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

Lunch Today: Chicken Alfredo/Garlic Broccoli/Cucumbers/Pineapple/Milk

Lunch Tomorrow: Turkey Gravy/Seasoned Mashed Potatoes/Roll w/Butter/Bread Stuffing/Green Beans/Applesauce/Pumpkin Custard/Milk

Happy Birthday Hayden!

Don't forget to give a peer a Kudos in the Kudos Box!

There will be class meetings today beginning at 2:30 and the student council meeting will be tomorrow at 2:30 in Mr. Napierala's room.

Hey Warriors, we've officially beat last year's total for our Coin Drive and so far we've raised $362 dollars.... do you think we can beat 2017's Coin Drive record which was $604 dollars???  Let's find out because we still have 8 more days to donate!  Here is the current scoreboard:

In the Jr. High competition:

1st place = 7th Grade with 1,203 points

2nd place = 6th Grade with 878 points

3rd place = 8th Grade with Negative 519 points


In the Sr. High Competition:

1st place = Juniors with 11,122 points

2nd place = Sophomores with 1,303 points

3rd place = Seniors with 1,173 points


Keep up the great work Warriors, YER DOIN GRATE!


Good morning! Today is Tuesday, November 17, 2020.

Lunch Today: Fish Sticks/Baked Beans/Corn/Applesauce/Milk

Lunch Tomorrow: Chicken Alfredo/Garlic Broccoli//Cucumbers/Pineapple/Milk

Class meetings will be tomorrow beginning at 2:30 during 7th period and the student council meeting will be Thursday at 2:30 in Mr. Napierala's room. 

Hey guess what, Warriors? We are about to beat last year's goal for the Coin Drive, which was $343 dollars!  We've raised over $280 dollars so far, and we still have 9 more days to donate--that's this week AND the week AFTER Thanksgiving Break.

Here are the current totals from the Jr. High competition:

1st place = 7th Grade with 1,198 points

2nd place = 6th Grade with 752 points

3rd place = 8th Grade with -504 points


In the High School Competition:

1st place = Juniors with 9,253 points

2nd place = Sophomores with 1,302 points

3rd place = Seniors with -28 points


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Principal's Corner

Principal’s Corner

Hello Warrior Community,

I want to take a few minutes to let you know what is going on at the school.

We have had a wonderful football and volleyball season and have had the opportunity to really watch the players grow in their individual sports.  We will start our basketball practices and wrestling weigh-ins in anticipation of being able to play these sports.  We will not know for sure if we will have these seasons or what they will look like until December. 

Our Junior High School and Senior High School were going to do a food drive.  After talking to the local foodbank, we found that they have no room for more items.  So, the secondary schools will be doing a coin drive for the food bank instead.  The Leadership class will be collecting people’s spare change that is brought to school in an effort to support our local community.

Harrison Elementary will be collecting toiletry items for a local foodbank.  The students have a goal of collecting 100 items before the end of their program.  The kids have already started collecting items so they are well on their way, GO ELEMENTARY SHOOL!!!

Mrs. Whipple is currently putting together a Christmas program.  It will be different than we have had in the past.  She is planning on doing caroling with the students.  We are still in the planning stages but we are expecting to have the program December 15th at 6:30 in the High School parking lot.  It should be a fun time for all who come.

We have really good news this quarter.  I am excited to announce that we have a total of 37 students who made Honor Roll, from 6th through the 12th grade.  We have two of our students who have a GPA of a 4.0. 

We are in the middle of celebrating Veterans Day.  Mr. Brown is heading the celebration honoring those who have, are, and will be making the sacrifice that allows us to be who we are.  He will be posting videos of Taps, The Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, and interviews from the district’s veterans.  We will be posting the videos on our district’s Face Book page. 

Lastly, Mr. Greer has received a robotics grant from the STEM Action Center for a robotic team competition.  He is currently putting together his team.  I am excited to see what our students can do. 

That is a quick summary of what your Warriors are doing.  I look forward to see what our future holds.