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PTO News

PTO Meeting Schedule:

October 22, 2020 6 P.M

December 3, 2020 6 P.M.

January 14, 2021 6 P.M.

March 11, 2021 6 P.M.

May 13, 20216 P.M.

Date: 03/11/2021

Location: Cafeteria Meeting Called to order at 6:00p.m.

Office Attendees

Jill Stevenson, President

Ellie Getchius, Treasurer

Roxanne Sidwell, Secretary



○ Current PTO account is $6,273.51

○ Sleds/snow molds ($419.52), gator masks from KNHR Printing ($593) and AR party supplies($163.68) , teacher appreciation baskets $516

○ Scholastic dollars have $900 remaining. 


● Incorporation and non-profit update (Ellie Getchius)

○ Paperwork submitted and fee paid for incorporation

○ Request for approval to submit an application and pay the $275 fee, unanimously approved ○

● Spring Bulb Sale Fundraiser (Emily Parrish)

○ Emily has set up an online account and will get a hard copy flyer to school that can be sent home with students as well as run on social media. Fundraiser will run until 5/15 and has a $6 shipping fee on orders.

PTO will retain 50% of sales. ○ Questions can be e-mailed to

● New playground equipment (Wade Pilloud)

○ Mr Pilloud presented a plan for the school to replace outdated playground equipment – a roughly 200’-220’ area.

○ Potential grant of $9,000 plus ~$9,000 in residual funds as well as some levy funds will be used to fund the project and he hopes it will be phased as a (2) summer project. Proper drainage and setup for the project will also be planned out.

○ He requested PTO be thinking about structure and design and also to be available to help facilitate volunteering when it comes time to actually do the revamping.

● Kids College school/community egg hunt (Ashley George)

○ Ashley has organized an egg hunt for Saturday, April 2 nd .

○ Egg hunt with (5) age groups; 2 and under, 3 years – 5 years, K-2nd , 3 rd -5th , 6th and up. Total of 61 prizes to disperse through age groups and lunch of hot dogs, chips, water will be provided. Harrison Chamber is providing eggs for the event.

○ A request was made to fund a bounce house at the event. The cost of approximately $250 was approved by PTO and will be scheduled.

● Field trips – potential? ○ Tentative date of June 1st for Silver Mt Waterpark field trip. $10/student plus bussing costs. Silver Mt and Kootenai school district both reserve the right to postpone/cancel if needed.

○ Red Horse Mountain Ranch – possible for Fall 2021

● Upcoming ISAT testing ○ April 26th . PTO offered to provide snacks as needed.

● Mother’s Day/Father’s Day shopping ○ The idea to hold another sale with leftover Santa’s workshop items has been postponed for now.

● Playfields FYI

○ Local parents have expressed an interest in revamping the old baseball fields to the west of the school (O'Gara Loop Road) which could be used for little league. At this time this would be an effort outside of the district but could allow for a city recreation league next year if improvements were completed this summer. Next Meeting: May 13th, 2021


Harrison Elementary

Kindergarten Lift Off



Harrison Elementary School

invites you to come and join us May 13th, 2021

between 3:30-5:30 PM to enroll in Kindergarten

for the 2021/2022 School year.


Please bring the following with you:

Birth Certificate

Current Immunizations

Proof of Residency

The age of five years shall be attained when the fifth anniversary of birth occurs on or before the first day of September of the school year in which the child is to enroll in kindergarten.” I.C. 33-201

We will need your child’s birth certificate before the first day of school, or your child may be denied entrance into school.


Call 208-689-3511 if you have any questions

We look forward to meeting you!


MAY 11, 2021

5X7 $8.00

8X10 $10.00

PTO Fundraiser


Harrison Elementary PTO Online fundraiser.  Please visit the personalized website to purchase online.  The order will be shipped directly to you.  All orders can be placed until 5/15/2021.



Parent/Student Portal is Ready!

Our Parent Portal is ready!  You will receive a unique username and password.  When you log in, you will be able to view schedules, attendance, and grades. We are still learning our new system and portal. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time. The parent information that is displayed in the portal is limited by the programming of the student data management software and may not always reflect the information that is on file.


To access the portal: 

1.  Go to our Website,

2.  Scroll to Quick Links 

3.  Click Tyler SIS Parent/Student Portal 

4.  Enter your email address that you provided to the school and password

5.  Once you have successfully logged on, use the menu bar at the top to select your child and the area you would like to view


You can also use the Tyler SIS 360 mobile app available on Apple iTunes and Google Play


If you have any questions call the school. Harrison Elementary 208.689.3511 or Kootenai Jr. Sr. High School 208.689.3311

Harrison Elementary School

13030 E. O'Gara Rd.

Harrison, ID 83833

Phone: 208.689.3511

Fax: 208.689.3641


Mondays 8:40 am - 2:58 pm

Tuesdays-Fridays 7:40 am - 2:58 pm

Harrison Elementary Staff
Contact Katie Ames  Katie Ames K-12 Counselor
Contact Shelley Bresnen  Shelley Bresnen 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Allison Brown  Allison Brown 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Jessie Buchanan  Jessie Buchanan Title1/Librarian
Contact Tess Davis  Tess Davis 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Megan Galea  Megan Galea Elementary Secretary & Food Service Director
Contact Kylie Njoku  Kylie Njoku Special Education
Contact Christie Pfeiffer  Christie Pfeiffer Title 1
Contact Jill Pilloud  Jill Pilloud 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Wade Pilloud  Wade Pilloud Superintendent
Contact Ashley Rauch  Ashley Rauch 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Anna Whipple  Anna Whipple HS Math, Music
Contact Sara Odekirk  Sara Odekirk Kindergarten Teacher