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What's new with KHS Sources of Strength



We aren't able to connect with each other like we normally do, and this can make our time in quarantine especially hard. Sources of Strength has come up with several resources to combat the feelings of uncertainty with activities and ways to think about the different slices of the sources wheel. Some of these resources are being distributed to students in grades 6-12. Visit to learn more! 

Spread positivity



This November, our Sources of Strength team surveyed all 6-12 students at Kootenai and asked them to identify a "trusted adult" in their life, or someone who they can confide in. 

The picture below is the display that was created to showcase those trusted adults. Each sticky note has the name of an adult and is available for viewing as you walk through the building.

We wanted to identify those adults, so students can get ideas and share their thoughts about different people in their lives who are trustworthy or who could be a possible point of contact for someone in need. 

There is a display in the Junior High as well as in the High School. 

Garden of Trust